DDT Excavating and Site Work

DDT Excavating and Site Work is our parent company. Through DDT we offer site work to include land clearing, ponds, roads, building pads, underground, lime stabilization, construction roads, and laydown yards. 
Some examples of recent projects include extensive work  on an industrial equipment rental facility in Pearland, Texas to include detention pond and drainage and lime stabilization of the parking lot area for use by heavy trucks.
In the Alvin area there are numerous RV parks being built.  One of the major uses is temporary camping facilities for employees of the chemical plants in the Chocolate Bayou area.  We have supplied both material and site work services for some of these parks.

We have ongoing work on condominium projects in both the La Porte and Armandwilde areas.  We continue to build pads and do drainage work for these projects as they progress.

DDT Excavating

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